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-----> Introducing the LOGSIM Simulator Now available through DANA <-----

(A Practical PLC Design Tool Developed by Peter Schermann of Process Control Consultants in The Netherlands)

A Powerful Tool For Large Logic Systems!

LOGSIM is a powerful tool for designing, testing, verifying and printing of large logic systems. This product has been designed for use by control engineers, who are responsible for the design, checking or approving of industrial control systems.

Accuracy and Reliability!

LOGSIM contains many standard functions, such as: comprehensive editing capabilities - add, delete, move, copy and paste logic elements easily. Along with saving and retrieving of macros these are all standard functions of the program. With a database containing all graphical information you can create a dynamic model with all the logics in place. The designer can easily check to make sure everything is working properly at any time during the design process. This effective checking system allows for less errors and correction of errors during the early stages of the project.

Run a Simulation Test Any time!

The real power of LOGSIM is the model behind the drawing. Each time the user adds a logic element to the diagram or makes an input connection, LOGSIM updates the logic model in the background. The behavior and the functions of this model are the same as a real logic system, which is built based on the diagram. This model can be activated any time in order to simulate the functions of the schematics. So the drawing on the screen is a "living" schematic, which can be functionally tested the same way as a PLC.

Graphical Output!

The schematic can be divided over the correct number of sheets for printing once the logic is completed. A separate editor is available for the design of the drawing frame which provides all necessary lines, boxes, text and bitmap pictures.

LOGSIM creates PLC's from a separate compiler making sure that the logic complies with the international standard IEC 1131-3.  This feature eliminates the chance for error in any other source, namely the manual translation of the logic in a a PLC program.


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