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[DANA Technical Services]

Process Design, Gas Processing and Sulphur Recovery Expertise

DANA Technical Services was incorporated in 1988 and offers its services mainly in the areas of gas handling, sweet/sour gas processing and sulphur recovery. These services include, but are not limited to, the following :

Process Studies
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Numerous process studies have been carried out for many clients, including:





ADMA-OPCO -- United Arab Emirates
Gave several gas processing courses to both engineering and operating staff in Abu Dhabi and on Das Island (3-4 days each).

AEC OIL & GAS -- Gold Creek Area
Responsible for the conceptual design and cost estimates for a gas plant revamp in the Gold Creek Area.

AEC OIL & GAS -- Hythe, Alberta
Carried out a process cost study for front end compression at the Hythe Gas Plant (50 MMSCFD) ; continued on to detailed process design.

AEC OIL & GAS -- Hythe, Alberta
Carried out an SRU evaluation study to determine handling capacity for a new acid gas composition and rate.

AEC WEST -- Sexsmith Gas Plant
Provided operator training seminars for the Hythe and Sexsmith Gas Plant personnel. Also provided troubleshooting services for the Sexsmith Superclaus unit.

AGOCO -- Libya
Carried out a process cost study for a 200 MMSCFD gas conservation project (liquids recovery/gas compression/pipelining of products) for the Nafoora gas field.

AMERADA HESS -- Olds Gas Plant
Carried out a turndown study for the amine and sulphur recovery units. This was followed by development of a design basis memorandum, complete with cost estimates.

AMOCO CANADA -- Brazeau Gas Plant
Carried out a process design study to support cost estimates for a 100 MMSCFD, 140 MMSCFD and 240 MMSCFD sour gas processing plant, including field dehydration and a twenty mile dry sour gas pipeline.

AMOCO CANADA -- Pine Creek
Provided troubleshooting services for operating a number of high pressure sour gas field dehydrators (mole sieve) at different pressures and temperatures than the original design.

AMOCO CANADA -- Crossfield Gas Plant
Carried out a scoping type gas processing study on the inlet gas handling, gas sweetening and sulphur recovery areas of the plant. Provided advice on handling an extra 30 MMSCFD of gas.

AMOCO CANADA -- North and South Caroline Gas Plants
Carried out a scoping study to look at the SRU maximum capacity with the existing acid gas feed composition for the South plant. Did SRU troubleshooting work for the North plant involving off colour product sulphur.

ARAMCO -- Saudi Sulphur Plants
Participated as a member of the Aramco "Due Diligence Task Force" which was charged with evaluating the available technologies for preventing BTX (benzene, toluene, xylene) coking in the Claus converters at the Aramco sulphur plant facilities. The task force set the technical requirements for any new sulphur plants to be built by Aramco and addressed the issue of upgrading the existing SRUs as well.

BP AMOCO -- Whitney Canyon Gas Plant
Carried out a quick visit/ study and provided recommendations to address potential upgrades for the two 600 LTPD SRUs at this facility.

Helped with an ammonia destruct survey and report (refinery sulphur plants).

CANADIAN 88 -- Olds Gas Plant
Carried out design upgrades to the SRU and provided startup expertise for the new 500 t/d Superclaus unit installed in 2000.

Carried out a study to identify debottlenecking requirements for a 50 MMSCFD sweet gas plant (being expanded to 150 MMSCFD).

Provided troubleshooting services and expertise to identify problems in the Sulfinol Unit contributing to foaming problems and limiting plant capacity ; recommended changes (process and piping) to mitigate future problems.

CHEVRON CANADA -- Burnaby Refinery
Provided a scoping study for two 12 t/d SRUs, each consisting of three Claus stages (with the Comprimo ammonia destruction process on the front ends) followed by a Superclaus bed to achieve a 99% sulphur recovery guarantee ; in addition, a Shell degas system was also scoped out. The units started up in 1994.

Process selection study for a 200 to 240 t/d SRU, looking at MCRC, Superclaus, Sulfreen, SCOT and other line-ups. Then provided detailed design services for the 480 t/d unit installed in 1995 as well as start-up services for the SRU and Superclaus units.

DUKE ENERGY - Nevis Gas Plant
Provided consulting services in regards to the turn down requirements for the sulphur recovery unit.

EPA and US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE -- Denver, Colorado
Provided consulting services on amine unit and sulphur recovery unit design and operation.

Provided process advice on using oxygen enrichment to increase the IOCO Refinery sulphur plant capacity by 40% to 32 t/d.

ESSO RESOURCES -- Bonnie Glen Gas Plant
Provided troubleshooting/process design expertise to help redesign Bonnie Glen Gas Plant's oxygen enrichment system from a sparge type (oxygen into the air line) to a direct feed type (oxygen injection into the flame at the reaction furnace burner) in order to increase the plant's sulphur capacity to 30 t/d. Also provided sulphur plant training seminars for plant personnel.

FINA OIL & CHEMICAL COMPANY -- Port Arthur Refinery
Provided troubleshooting/technical audit/HAZOP expertise to assist in identifying and recommending changes to the amine and sulphur recovery / tail gas clean-up units at the Port Arthur Refinery in Texas (180 LT/D).
Also provided amine and sulpur plant training to engineering, operations & maintenance at the refinery on several occasions.

GASCO BAB -- Gas Plant
This project consists of compressing about 16 MMSCFD of low pressure acid gas (60% CO2 and 40% H2S) from GASCO's BAB Gas Plant and transporting it about 5 kilometers to a sulphur plant at ADNOC's Thammama 'C' Gas Plant (in the United Arab Emirates).
Headed up the process review of a preliminary design and carried out a number of process studies (compression and dehydration) and recommend changes to make the system safer and more reliable.

Carried out a process/cost study for a 130 t/d SRU, using the Superclaus technology. Also provided consulting during the detailed design/ construction phases as well as training services at the Debno Gas Facility in Poland.

Generated a report on oil and gas facilities complete with typical process unit descriptions and block flow diagrams (wellhead to plant to sales).

GULF CANADA -- Karr Field Gathering System
Responsible for the process design of a field gathering system with wellsite separation/measurement/line heating, a central site glycol dehydration facility and a two-phase pipeline to the Karr Gas Plant. The 60 MMSCFD sweet gas stream has a 30 BBL/MMSCF liquid hydrocarbon content.

Carried out a process/ cost study for options available to upgrade the existing 132 t/d two stage SRU to improve the recovery to the 99% level. Also provided consulting services and training services during the detailed design/ construction phases of the additional Claus stage plus a Superclaus stage.

HUSKY OIL -- Upgrader Project
Provided technical and operating input for the design of the sulphur plant and tail gas clean-up plant for the Lloydminster Upgrader Project. Also provided troubleshooting services for the amine and sulphur recovery units at the Upgrader after start-up.

HUSKY OIL -- Ram River Gas Plant
Provided technical expertise to Husky in the areas of oxygen enrichment of the sulphur plants (to increase capacity to about 6500 t/d) and of tail gas clean-up (to add SCOT plants to the existing Sulfreen units) in order to determine the feasibility and cost of upgrading the Ram River Gas Plant to allow processing of the Caroline gas field fluids and lower area sulphur dioxide emissions at the same time.

HUSKY OIL -- Ram River Gas Plant
Carried out a sulphur recovery improvement study for the four 1,100 t/d SRUs and two 2,200 t/d Sulfreen units.

HUSKY OIL -- Prince George Refinery
Provided technical support and operations input for the upgrading and commissioning of a 6.8 t/d two stage SRU at this refinery in British Columbia.
Also carried out a debottlenecking/ cost study for the amine unit at the refinery.

HUSKY OIL -- Rainbow Lake Gas Plant
Carried out a review of the SRU operation regarding the sulphur recovery performance.

LYONDELL-CITGO -- Houston Refinery
Carried out a reliability study for two 175 LTPD three stage SRUs, processing amine acid gases and sour water stripper acid gases.

MARATHON OIL COMPANY -- Robinson Refinery
Gave amine and sulphur recovery seminars to engineering, operations and maintenance staff at this refinery in Illinois.

MOBIL OIL CANADA -- Harmattan Area Gas Plant
Assisted with a major flare study for a large sour gas plant and recommended changes that were required to upgrade the system to the appropriate risk level ; modifications were made.

MOBIL OIL CANADA -- Rainbow Lake Battery 10
Responsible for the process design for the $6 Million EPC revamp of the sour solution gas plant (incremental 34 MMSCFD of gas and 2,700 BOPD). The work included new inlet facilities, gas compression for reinjection, glycol dehydration of sour gas and a flare system. The work also entailed a number of process studies for various units in the existing plant.

MOBIL OIL CANADA -- Lone Pine Creek Gas Plant
Helped with the installation of the first Superclaus unit in Canada (150 t/d) at the Lone Pine Creek Gas Plant in 1990. Provided a coordinating role for Mobil in addition to the piping design/ equipment placing ; worked closely with Goar, Allison & Associates (GAA) to ensure process design requirements were satisfied. Responsible for the process/piping design for the Superclaus bypass line installed in 1992.

MOBIL OIL CANADA -- Wimborne Gas Plant
Helped with a turndown study for the SRU and the subsequent modifications to allow operation between about 50 and 150 t/d (the original capacity was about 300 t/d).

MOBIL OIL CANADA -- Harmattan Gas Plant
Assisted in a SRU assessment study, which included evaluation of the existing SRU as well as recommending alternative technologies for a new 50 t/d SRU. Also represented Stork Engineers and Constructors for the test run of the Shell Sulphur Degasification System installed in 1997.

Provided consulting, plant staff training and start-up services for a new 650 t/d Superclaus unit.

NEXEN -- Balzac Gas Plant
SRU turndown study.

NORCEN ENERGY -- Progress Gas Plant
Provided technical evaluation support for the SRU performance tests at the plant.

NORTHSTAR ENERGY -- Coleman Gas Plant
Provided consulting services for upgrading the amine unit from MEA to Sulfinol.
Also provided operators with SRU training services.

Carried out a process/cost study for a new 31 t/d SRU and outlined the options available, with attention to future expansion capability.

ONTARIO HYDRO -- Bruce Nuclear Station
Provided consulting services regarding the disposal of 600 tonnes of stored H2S.

PETRO-CANADA -- Hanlan Robb Gas Plant
Provided technical advice/guidance regarding the installation of a high intensity mainburner in SRU#2 (changing the SRU from a split-flow to straight-through line-up).

PETRO-CANADA -- Edmonton Refinery
Provided process/ technical advice/ guidance (preliminary engineering) regarding the installation of new SRUs at this refinery, which included two 3-stage modified-Claus units and a common Superclaus and a sulphur degasification unit (1200 t/d).

PETRONAS -- Kuala Lumpur
Gave a five day gas processing course (sweet and sour) in Kuala Lumpur to engineering and operating staff from various gas facilities throughout Malaysia.

PETRONOR -- Somorrostro Refinery, Spain
Carried out a troubleshooting exercise for the amine gas sweetening unit at the refinery ; recommended numerous operating modifications as well as piping and amine filter upgrades in order to avoid further corrosion and foaming problems being experienced at the Somorrostro Refinery. Petronor proceeded with the recommendations.

PETROTRIN -- Trinidad Refinery
Provided on-site startup assistance for a 184 t/d two stage Claus plus Superclaus stage SRU, processing amine acid gases and sour water stripper acid gas.

PETROZUATA -- Jose Upgrader Complex, Venezuela
Provided a review of the installed sulphur recovery facilities, operator training, and start-up expertise for the start-up of two 100 t/d Superclaus units.

PHILLIPS 66 -- Bayway Refinery, New Jersey
Carried out a sulphur plant operational review/ troubleshooting for the sulphur recovery system.

PRIMEWEST ENERGY INC. -- Crossfield Gas Plant
Provided technical assistance for a preliminary sulphur plant turndown study.

SCANRAFF REFINERS -- Scanraff Refinery, Sweden
Provided troubleshooting expertise and a technical report for the refinery's amine system.

SCIMITAR OILS -- Jebel Ali Plant, UAE
Helped carry out a preliminary turndown study for a 165 t/d SRU at this gas plant in the United Arab Emirates.

SEAPORT CONSULTANTS -- Seattle, Washington
Provided consulting services in regards to proper ventilation of enclosed solid sulphur rail cars for a project in Africa (H2S concerns.

SHELL CANADA -- While Employed with Shell
Acted as the gas processing and sulphur recovery expert for all of Shell Canada and provided technical support to operations and head office staff.
Prepared a proposal/recommendation for the development of a high hydrogen sulphide content reservoir (Bearberry), complete with conceptual process design, cost estimates, preliminary economics and development schedule.
Performed the pre-conceptual process design/evaluations for the Caroline gas field and advised on/helped with the conceptual process design for this $700 Million plus sour gas development (on the plant side).
Provided technical support to engineers in the enhanced oil recovery group in the area of gas treating, as well as to the Calgary Research Centre personnel.
Provided training for technical and operations staff (maintaining up-to-date knowledge of processing techniques).
Coordinated research work, secrecy and license agreements, and technology transfer issues for the gas department.
Supervised the activities of twenty staff at the Waterton Gas Plant who provided technical expertise, project management, laboratory services, inspection services and drafting services for the operations and maintenance groups at the plant.
Directed the on-site work of the contractor constructing the plant portion ($30 Million) of the Peace River In-Situ Tar Sands Pilot Project ; assisted in the start-up of all the facilities and later supervised six engineers/technologists providing technical, laboratory and inspection services to the operations and maintenance groups at the complex.
Provided technical support to operations and maintenance for various process units at the Waterton Gas Plant: sour lean oil absorption, sulfinol gas sweetening, LPG, sulphur recovery, tail gas clean up (SCOT), and waste water effluent treating.
Evaluated the process design and economics of LPG/NGL production facilities for a number of Shell gas processing plants ; debottlenecked the crude stabilization system at the Innisfail Gas Plant. Also assisted in the design of a 200 MMSCFD gas plant for the MacKenzie Delta (Niglingtak).

SHELL CANADA -- Burnt Timber Gas Plant
Provided the process design for two Superclaus units, totalling 510 t/d capacity, at the Burnt Timber Gas Plant.
Provided the detailed process design for the 224 t/d unit for Plant No. 1 which was installed in 1991; also provided start-up assistance for the unit.

SHELL CANADA -- Athabasca Oil Sands
Provided consulting services regarding the sulphur recovery facilities for Scotford (two 2-stage 600 t/d SRUs plus a common 3rd stage and Superclaus stage.

SHELL CANADA -- Waterton Gas Plant
Provided process engineering services for a process cost study to install Superclaus units at the Waterton Gas Plant.

SULCONAM -- Montreal East Facility
Carried out a sulphur degasification process cost study for the 150 t/d SRU. Also carried out process/cost studies to upgrade the existing SRU and to construct a new 160 t/d SRU.

SULPHUR CORPORATION -- Prince Rupert Facility
Provided process engineering support to determine emissions and how to handle the vapours from the sulphur storage and ship loading facilities.

SUNCOR -- Tar Island Facility
Provided expertise for a process/cost study for two 400 LT/d Superclaus retrofits of the existing three stage SRUs. Also proposed conversion of the existing reaction furnaces from side split configuration for ammonia destruction to the Comprimo ammonia destruction system (straight through).

SUNCOR -- Tar Island Facility
Helped in the detailed design of a 556 LT/D common Superclaus add-on unit for the oil sands sulphur recovery plant. Provided operator training and start-up assistance.
Helped with a process study for installation of the Comprimo ammonia destruction process and oxygen enrichment on the two 400 LT/d SRUs. Helped with the DBM / EDS stages, as well as providing operator training and start-up services.

SUNCOR -- Tar Island Facility
Provided process design and detailed engineering services for various projects, including inline reheat burner upgrades, a 600 t/d d'GAASS sulphur degasification system, a coker quench study, performance test coordination (hydrogen, delayed coking, unifiners, amine, sulphur recovery), and oxygen enrichment for two SRUs. In addition, provided consulting services for the Production Enhancement Project and the new Millenium Project.

SYNCRUDE -- Mildred Lake Site
In support of the Syncrude Sulphur Blocking Study, carried out a sulphur degasification process/cost study for a 1500 to 2000 t/d system for the plant (degas to 10 ppmw H2S). Looked at in-plant and out-plant options as well. Following the study, carried out the detailed process design for a 1900 t/d in-plant Shell degas system.

SYNCRUDE -- Mildred Lake Site
Carried out a sulphur plant debottleneck study for the three SRUs (totalling about 1600 t/d).

TALISMAN -- Edson Gas Plant
Provided start-up assistance for the Train B 150 t/d Superclaus stage and design/ start-up support for the Train A 150 t/d Superclaus stage.

TRANSCANADA MIDSREAM -- Zama Lake Gas PlantCarried out an SRU review/ improvement study for the plant (operating at ~ 20 t/d).

UNION PACIFIC -- Baptiste Lake Gas Plant
Troubleshooting and upgrading a 15 MMSCFD sweet gas dehydration system at the Baptiste Lake Gas Plant.

UNOCAL CANADA -- Red Earth and Slave Lake
Involved in a pipeline replacement job in the Red Earth field and a three well tie-in plus battery installation job for the Slave field.

U.S. ATTORNEY (U.S. JUSTICE) -- Madison, Wisconsin
Provided technical expertise in regards to evaluation of the capacity and operation of Murphy Oil's Superior Refinery SRU.

WASCANA ENERGY -- Balzac Gas Plant
Reviewed the operation of the two stage Claus units and Sulfreen unit with a view to improving the sulphur recovery (acid gas contains BTEX).

WESTCOAST -- McMahon Gas Plant
Did the process design for a 600 t/d Shell Degas unit, and helped with the cost estimate.
Also carried out a third stage replacement study (options/ costs), which is a common unit downstream of two SRUs handling about 450 t/d of sulphur.

WESTCOAST -- Tumbler Ridge Gas Plant
Provided SRU expertise on this project, involving three 4-bed MCRC units (~ 800 t/d each).

WESTCOAST -- Pine River Gas Plant
Carried out a study on the performance of the three MCRC units (one 1000 t/d and two 500 t/d units) and looked into potential improvements to increase the overall sulphur recovery.

ZADCO -- Zakum Central Complex
Gave a four day gas processing and control course to operators on this offshore platform in the United Arab Emirates.

ZZGNiG -- Deno Gas Plant, Poland
Provided a review of an installed SRU and provided start-up expertise for a 135 t/d Superclaus unit in 2000.

Paul d'Haêne, President of DANA, has more than eight years of design experience at Shell with grass roots sulphur recovery units and tail gas clean-up units, including:
Bearberry SRU: a 210 t/d four bed MCRC Unit
Caroline: two preliminary designs, one air-based and one oxygen-based.

He also has over five years of hands-on plant operating experience with modified Claus units and tail gas clean-up units.
In total, he has over 35 years of industry experience with sweet/sour gas handling/ SRUs/ TGCUs/ Superclaus units (at both gas plant and refinery locations).